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Amazing Grace
June 28, 2015

A Eulogy Delivered by President Obama


President Obama delivered the Eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney with incomparable reverence and dignity and once again he demonstrated his natural ability to lead.  Such a President we have! We have never been prouder of our President or of our country as we have been during these last tumultuous days. Were it not for our sincere affection for the first family we would be calling for the repeal of the 22nd Amendment.

The Black community of Charlestown showed all the awesome power of forgivness.

The Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage is the law of the land. We see this decision as the largest expansion of civil liberties in decades.

The Supreme Court, once again, ruled in favor of The Affordable Care Act and now perhaps we can begin the task of improving on that model instead of the incessant assault on its legitimacy.

The Supreme Court sided with the NAACP in defining what discrimination is in respect to housing.

The Confederate battle flag that symbolizes discrimination and hate is coming down from public buildings and public places across the land.

Let Charlestown be the last American mass murder and may it provide the impetus for meaningful discussions of gun control as called for by our President.

The United States of America is an ever expanding definition of freedom and personal liberty. That journey now continues pushing ever back against the darkness of fear and hate.

Lincoln’s great biographer Carl Sandburg made the observation that our Civil War was a war fought over one word. Prior to the Civil War our country was referred to as, “These United States,” and after the Civil War we became, “The United States.”

We now stand more united than ever.

David and Georgiann Kerr, Lancaster Township. Mr. and Mrs. Kerr are both members of the Butler County Democratic Committee and Georgiann is the Chair of that committee.

Democrats At Cruize-A-Palooza

Dems at Registration Table at Blue Sox Game

Youth Receives Award from BCDC
Reilly Martin Received a Formal Proclamation for Her Performance of the National Anthem at the Butler Blue Sox Game


Georgiann Kerr, Jim Burn and Son at Blue Sox Game


Jim Burn Throwing Out First Pitch at Blue Sox Game


Committee Woman Ellen Dodge with Former Butler Mayor Maggie Stock

Jerry's Family and Friends

Kevin & Renee Boozel at the Blue Sox Game

Congratulations to Our winning County Commissioner Candidates  Kevin Boozel (left) and Jerry Johnston (right)

Links to Winning Democratic Commissioner Candidates
Jerry Johnston -
Kevin Boozel -

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