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Press Release - March 17, 2015 by Georgiann Kerr, Chairwoman, BCDC

 Democrats Endorse Kevin Boozel and Jerry Johnston

The Democratic Committee of Butler County has held a debate, nomination and endorsement meeting for the Democratic candidates for the office of County Commissioner.

There are four Democratic Party candidates but only three agreed to participate in the debate and meeting. Incumbent Commissioner Eckstein chose not to attend. Attending were candidates Kevin Boozel, Jerry Johnston and David Johnston. The debate lasted for 1 hour and each of the three participating candidates fielded prepared questions from moderator Zach Byrnes on Marcellus shale, BC3, county goals, housing, education, senior centers and county services.

After the debate there was a nomination process and an endorsement vote. To be endorsed by the committee a nominee was required to first be nominated by a committee member then receive a majority vote from the committee.

The results were that three candidates were nominated and of those two were endorsed; Kevin Boozel and Jerry Johnson are the two endorsed candidates.

Kevin Boozel received 25 votes.

Jerry Johnson received 22 votes.

Jim Eckstein received 2 votes.

David Johnston was not nominated and could not be voted for.

There were also a number of abstentions.

Pictured Below - Endorsed Commissioner Candidates Kevin Boozel (left) and Jerry Johnston (right)

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